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YSRCP Leader Makes a Misleading Claim

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Rajya Sabha MP and the parliamentary party leader of YSRCP, V. Vijay Sai Reddy took to Twitter last Monday and claimed that the state of Andhra Pradesh has seen a tremendous decline in typhoid and diarrhoea cases in the past one year. He tweeted the restoration and regular supply of drinking water in the state has been improved and this is the reason behind the state’s achievement. Interestingly, in the tweet, he made this major declaration regarding the improvement of the health and infrastructure sector in the state under the YSRCP government without providing any substantial evidence from any official study reports/research papers or even media reports. 

As communities in different parts of the state continue to say that their issue of receiving a regular supply of clean drinking water has still not been resolved, the claim seems a bit misleading. The ground reports from the state show that the lack of resources and deprivation for filtered drinking water is spread over different geographical areas of the state.

Users have tweeted such responses to the YSRCP leader’s tweet:

The districts of Chittoor and West Godavari are the most vulnerable districts in the list and these districts have also been the most affected places with the greatest number of typhoid and diarrhoea cases. In most of these areas, the communities do not get a regular supply of filtered drinking water and it forces them to buy the drinking water from other sources. This problem has also been creating an additional financial burden for the deprived low-income families in these areas.


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