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YSRCP government copied PM SVANidhi as ‘Jagananna Thodu’: TDP

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Telugu Desam Party spokesperson Kommareddy Pattabhi criticized the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Jaganmohan Reddy and the YSRCP led state government for making ‘false’ declarations on the newly implemented ‘Jagananna Thodu’ scheme to assist small traders with interest-free loans. 

Addressing a press conference, TDP spokesperson said the ‘Jagananna Thodu’ scheme has been developed as a scheme to snatch the credit from the already existing Prime Minister SVANidhi loan scheme that is being provided to the small vendors all over the country. He said ₹10,000 monetary assistance has already been transferred on a big scale in other south Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Telangana. The Andhra Pradesh government has been lagging and failed to deliver even that in the past months. 

Mr. Pattabhi also made a strong objection on how the YSRCP government is directing to implement the interest-free loan scheme in the state. As the first step, the government wanted an advance payment at 7 percent from the farmers on the loans and this would automatically get deposited in the bank account later. He concluded by saying that the small traders won’t be able to trust this government after what the government has done with the farmers in the state.



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