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Why re-lay foundation stone of old project, TDP questions YSR Congress

by Mukesh
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The Telugu Desam Party(TDP) has questioned the re-laying of the foundation for the expansion of 31 hospitals in Andhra Pradesh by Municipal Administration Minister in the YSR Congress government, Botcha Satyanarayana and R&B Minister M. Sankaranarayana on Monday.

Earlier on Tuesday, TDP Polit Bureau member and Anantapur district president Kalava Srinivasulu attacked the YSR Congress government for not spending a single penny on developmental works in the State. He was critical of the Ministers who wasted time and money of government officers for conducting a foundation-laying ceremony for an already ongoing project.

According to the TDP, the State government did not sanction a single rupee for the project and money was given by the Central Government. The Centre sanctioned Rs. 250.96 crore for the construction of the buildings and maintenance in addition to an administrative sanction for 532 regular posts and 433 outsourced posts.

In his scathing attack, Kalava Srinivasulu mentioned that the previous TDP government had issued a G.O. and the then Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had laid foundation for those works with local MLAs and other functionaries, and the present government just tried to cash in on the old projects and get some cheap publicity by re-laying the foundation of an ongoing project. He alleged that YSRCP’s tactic was to just get pictures click without doing any real development.

The TDP leader pointed out that the Kalyandurg Water scheme was sanctioned by the TDP government in February 2019 with an outlay of Rs. 22.19 crore, but the YSR Congress Ministers chose to lay foundation a second time. Repackaging old schemes and works is becoming an increasingly noticeable trend in Andhra Pradesh led by the YSRCP.


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