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Tirumala! a money generating avenue for the YSRCP government

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Ever since YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took charge as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has failed to honor the traditions of Hindu temples. Jagan Mohan Reddy has floated new regulations against temples that have been practiced for ages. In the last 21 months, there have been many incidents & controversies where the Devotees of Lord Venkateshwara have suffered because of Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

Very recently the Andhra Pradesh Government under Jagan Mohan Reddy tenure has passed a GO.MS.NO 48, dated 26-02-2021. According to this GO, the toll fee at Alipiri Check post leading to Tirumala has been hiked and excluded the two-wheelers from the toll. With the hike in fuel prices, the hike in toll fees at Alipiri gate will put an additional burden on people visiting Tirumala


The new toll tariffs at the Alipiri checkpost are as below


Alipiri Toll Tariffs
Vehicle Old tariff  New tariff
Car Rs 15 Rs 50
Jeep, LCV Rs.30 Rs.50
Taxi 5+1 capacity Rs.25 Rs.50
Mini Bus & LCV (2axle) Rs.60 Rs.100
Goods Carrier  Rs.50 Rs.100
Bus Truck (3,4,5,6 axle) Rs.100 Rs.200


Price of accommodation rooms hiked at Tirumala


In November 2019, Jagan Mohan Reddy and his uncle YV Subba Reddy, Chairman of the TTD board, had burdened the devotees by increasing the rents of the room (guest houses)at Tirumala. The rentals of the most sought guest house Nandakam, Kousthubham, and Panchajanyam were hiked. The Nandakam guest house charged Rs.600 from the devotees for 24 hrs. was hiked to Rs.1000 and similarly the Kousthubham and the Panchajanyam which charged Rs.500 from devotees for 24 hrs.` was hiked to Rs.1000. 



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