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Thousands of workers not paid under MNREGA in AP, Rs 420 crores pending

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Andhra Pradesh was one of the states faced with terrific economic tensions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid19 pandemic not only tarnished the unorganized sector but also resulted in a massive reverse migration in the state. As per the reports, lakhs of individuals who have lost their livelihoods followed by the hit due to the pandemic have started availing opportunities under the centrally sponsored MNREGA scheme in the state.

This trend, from a different angle, has impacted the participation of women in the MNREGA workforce. In a recent report published by LibTech India, a collective of engineers and social workers working on improving public service delivery suggests that the share of women’s participation has dropped by about 3.7% compared to last year (from 60.05% in 2019 to 56.38% in 2020).

As per the data available on the MNREGA website, the state of Andhra Pradesh has a pending amount of around Rs. 420 crores to be sanctioned for the works completed under the MNREGA scheme in the state. The ground report suggests that thousands of workers have not received their payments for the past five months in different districts of the state. As per the official data from MNREGA, the government has not released an amount of Rs. 303.88 crores and near about Rs. 115.83 crores are yet to be sanctioned.

Even though Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest beneficiaries of the MNREGA schemes, the concerns related to the delay in sanctioning and penetration of payments to the workers regularly is affecting thousands of individuals from the lower economic and other deprived classes of the state.


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