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The Reality of YSR Cheyutha

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On 12th August 2020, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh had launched YSR Cheyutha scheme to provide financial assistance to SC, ST, BC, Minority women between the age group of 45 – 60 years. Through this scheme, Rs. 75000 of financial assistance will be provided to women over 4 years. This is another scheme by Jagan Mohan Reddy which is intended to deceive the innocent women of AP after garnering support from them on the basis of lucrative promises in 2019.

Promise vs Reality

During his election campaign Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy promised to provide Rs. 3000 monthly pension to women above the age of 45 years for SC, ST, BC, Minority community women which amounts to Rs. 36,000 every year and cumulative for 5 years would come out to be Rs. 1.8 lacs. However, under YSR Cheyutha assistance of just Rs. 75,000 has been given to women beneficiaries. Thus, instead of Rs. 36,000 per year, the women beneficiaries will receive just 18,750 per year Thus, a net LOSS of Rs. 17,250 or 48% every year. The quantum of loss is even bigger if we consider the 4 year timeline as it comes to Rs. 1,05,000. The YSRCP government is publicising this scheme as if it were the YSRCP government that is giving freedom to women, when in reality it is taking away the rightful share of women of Andhra Pradesh.


Further, the total number of beneficiaries has also been reduced. During the TDP tenure, a scheme by the name of  “Pasupu Kunkuma” was initiated to target over 1 crore beneficiaries whereas the YSR Cheyutha is being given to only 23 lac beneficiaries which is 73% less than the previous government’s scheme. Many poor and illiterate women beneficiary names have been removed due to wrongly recorded details in their Aadhaar cards. Rumours indicate that the YSRCP’s controversial network of village volunteers have also erred on the ground.


This is not the first time when women in the State are being neglected by Jagan Mohan Reddy, as earlier the ASHA workers for whom the wages were increased were cheated when the YSRCP government announced they will be ineligible for most welfare schemes along with the termination of their services at the age of 60 without any post-retirement benefits. 


Various women organisations in the State have taken note of the rampant incidents of maltreatment of women alongside the government’s systemic and willful ignorance of most women in the State.



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