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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

by Sai Prasad


The main aim of setting up APTruth.in is in providing an alternate source of news to the people of Andhra Pradesh, which is unbiased and credible with fact checkers.

The following are the terms and conditions for the use of APTruth.in, by using the website you are bound to accept the terms and conditions mentioned here.

  1. in can change or modify its terms and privacy policy at any time, your continue usage after changes posted means you are abiding the changes and bound by it legally.
  2. The information, services, products and services included in the APTruth.in may include inaccuracies and typographical errors.
  3. We have every right to modify, change or discontinue any article/category/page/image regularly with or without any prior notice.
  4. As part of marketing the site may contain certain backlinks, we own no responsibility to the content published in the backlinks.
  5. We take no responsibility in the representation or use of materials on our website.
  6. We assume no responsibility for the blogger content produced in the process to engage with the people.
  7. We assume every right to remove your account without any prior notice if you violate the terms and conditions mentioned.
  8. Copyright laws protect the content produced by the APTruth.in, the content produced cannot be used for commercial purposes however,and you can use it for informational purposes.
  9. in owns every right to share your information if need be.
  10. We advise the users not share their personal information with others on the blogs or comments.


As part of the registration we collect your name, age, sex, location and email id, we respect your privacy and your personal information will be kept confidential to the maximum possible extent and only be used to notify you about any updates.

We do not sell data, as a policy we have are strict on the privacy of the consumer so we do not sell or share data.


We use several cookies to guide you better and send you personalized information and better it on a regular basis. We may include links to other sites; we exercise no control over the data they collect.

Grievance Redressal:

If you have any complaints or if you feel any of the terms are violated please write us to

Copyright infringements:-

If you feel your content is published on our site without your knowledge please write to us atcontact@aptruth.inwith the necessary details proving the same to us.

For any suggestions/inputs etc contact us at contact@aptruth.in