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Teachers protest as Headmaster in Anantapur commits suicide

by Mukesh
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Headmaster M.S. Subramanyam of Vittapally Primary School in Parigi, Anantapur committed suicide by burning himself using petrol due to intolerable pressure exerted by excess requirements for the Nadu-Nedu related works. As a vocal opposition against the government’s illogical policies and infrastructural unpreparedness, the municipal school teachers all over Andhra Pradesh took to protest against the YSR Congress government.

As part of the Nadu-Nedu works the teachers of the schools have been asked to report the status of Nadu Nadu tasks regularly. Most of the teachers who are not even aware of how to use the internet are being asked to upload the status of Nadu-Nedu works online. Many schools still lack basic internet access and the teachers are being forced to give extra work hours beyond working hours on a daily basis.

Most of the headmasters in the state are elderly and do not have enough knowledge about using the internet or computers, they are also under constant pressure by the visits of the officials since the Nadu-Nedu scheme was announced. They have voiced their demand to train the staff as well as increase the number of resources in most schools.


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