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TDP Twitter assists in COVID relief in Telugu states

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Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP’s) Twitter account on 22nd April urged people to use ‘#SOSTDP’ to bring to attention any inquiries or help required for COVID treatments in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The party declared that it would help amplify the voices of those in dire need. This move of the TDP has been lauded by the public in these trying times.

Taking advantage of the larger reach of TDP’s Twitter account, the party is amplifying the requests of the general public in reaching out to a wider audience. Since 22nd April, the hashtag has been mentioned 257 times and counting and has had an estimated reach of over 4.6 million. Leaders of TDP have also been involved in the initiative and are proactively helping the public. The Twitter handle of TDP has been helping with requests for plasma, ventilator beds, oxygen beds, Remdisivir injections, and any other assistance that is required for COVID patients.

‘#SOSTDP’ has also helped shed more light on the COVID crisis in Andhra Pradesh. The number of pleas for help is only a representation of the actual number of people in need of assistance for their families and loved ones. Social media trends suggest that there is a major shortage of oxygen in Andhra Pradesh and sources have reported that hospitals are looking towards the government to supply oxygen as they are running out.

While the government has a dashboard with district-wise availability of beds and information of hospitals, there is no indication of how up-to-date the information is and how often it is updated. However, going as per ground reports and social media, the situation seems much worse than official statistics.


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