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TDP spokesperson murdered in Kadapa, political vendetta by YSRCP alleged

by Mukesh
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TDP leader and a representative of the handloom weavers community, Nandam Subbaiah was brutally murdered by unidentified miscreants in Proddatur constituency in Kadapa district. The murder has heated the political affairs of the state.

Sources indicate that Nandam Subbaiah, a district official of the TDP was very vocal in highlighting the corruption of sitting YSRCP Proddatur MLA Rachamalla Shiva Prasad Reddy, his brother-in-law Bangaru Muni Reddy, and Proddatur Municipal Commissioner M. Anuradha by questioning how they have created their empire in Proddatur. In the past, Subbaiah had highlighted that the coterie will not leave the ruling party MLA to continue aiding his corrupt activities and will bring to the notice of the people with appropriate evidence.

Days after this statement by the TDP representative, Subbaiah was found murdered. After the death of Nandam Subbaiah, his wife registered a complaint with the local police and demanded the names of the Proddatur M.L.A, his brother-in-law Muni Reddy, and Municipal Commissioner M.Anuradha and Kunda Ravi be added to the FIR. But the local police have omitted the names of the MLA Shiva Prasad Reddy and his aides and instead just included the name of Kunda Ravi in the FIR.

Nandam Subbaiah’s wife protested demanding the government to include the remaining names in the FIR, till then she said she will not cremate the corpse of Nandam Subbaiah. 

TDP National Party President N. Chandrababu Naidu immediately spoke with the family members of Nandam Subbaiah, consoled them, and promised her that the party will stand with her in these testing times. National General Secretary of TDP and Former Minister, Nara Lokesh who was touring the state to address the issues of the farmers swung into action. After getting to know of the death of the TDP Leader Nandam Subbaiah he immediately went to console the family of Nandam Subbaiah leaving the scheduled Rythu Kosam tour in Prakasam district. 

The TDP leader sat in protest along with the wife of Nandam Subbaiah demanding the police to include the names of the Proddatur MLA, his brother-in-law, and Prodduttur Municipal Commissioner in the FIR.

In the press meet, Lokesh spoke aggressively and accused the government of making the state a fascist state and alleged that YSRCP is bringing back the days of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s grandfather Raja Reddy’s Rajyam. He even questioned the government as to why Section 144 had been imposed in Tadipatri, Proddutur, and around Chief Minister’s home. He commented that the Section 144 orders for peaceful Palasa were beyond logic and stated that if things go the way they are within 6 months the YSR Congress will implement Section 144 all over the state.

Lokesh even highlighted the police’s negligence as they ignored the plea of Nandam Subbaiah even after he made them aware that certain miscreants had plans to murder him. The TDP General Secretary questioned how no one is being arrested in the murder of a Dalit girl in Chief Minister’s home district, and went on to question the motive of police in restricting their party people from visiting their party leader in Tambalapalle.

Nara Lokesh minced no words in warning that the ruling party leaders must not take the Rule of Law in their own hands and try to suppress TDP workers. Lokesh called upon the citizens to fearlessly question the actions of the state government. He concluded his remarks to the media representatives by saying how a Chief Minister, who is roaming freely on bail is thinking of keeping everyone in jail.


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