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Targeting of TDP BC Leaders: Coincidence or Vendetta?

by Sharath
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The Telugu Desam Party BC leaders, who have not a single case against them prior to 2019, were now being harassed with arguably false cases and arrests one after the other because of their relentless fight against the misgovernance and illegal activities of the YSRCP. 

Yanamala Ramakrishnudu Ex-Minister during the TDP regime has had a fake SC, ST atrocities case filed against him just for attending and blessing a couple at their marriage function. TDP MLA, Kinjarapu Atchannaidu has been arrested and harassed by the Jagan Government because he was vocal against the YSRCP. Kollu Ravindra Ex-Minister during the TDP regime was being harassed with false charges in a murder case, and many more BC voices have been suppressed by the YSRCP Government.

Murmurs indicate that these arrests are consequent of the YSRCP leadership not being confident of replying to leaders who are revealing the YSRCP government’s injustices, scams, and corrupt activities time and again.

The most prominent of these happened in the early morning hours and just a few days before the beginning of the Assembly session when Atchannaidu was arrested despite his name not even being included in the original Vigilance report. Atchannaidu is known to have stood by his ideology and values even though TDP has remarked that he was offered benefits of hundreds of crores of rupees to shift his political loyalties by the YSRCP. Only after that, he was arrested as part of a conspiracy to wipe out the TDP in the State.

In a similar case of vendetta, Kollu Ravindra was also arrested without even preliminary investigation which clearly appears as an act of vendetta politics by YSR Congress. Ravindra in various instances had been vocal against the sand mafia and the unavailability of sand in the city and had called for a hunger strike some time back in 2019 and the cops denied him permission to hold the hunger strike at Koneru Centre.

Sources close to the party indicate that cases against BC members of TDP contribute almost 34% of the 169 fake cases registered against TDP members to date. TDP leaders including TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu have often remarked saying that the YSRCP is using the state machinery to take law and order into its own hands and Jagan is trying to suppress the voice of the BC community in every possible way.


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