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SI thrashes woman with belt in Tirupati

by Mukesh
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The highhandedness of the police continues to rise in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Death of Kiran Kumar, head tonsuring incident of Vara Prasad and suicide by the Abdul Salam family all highlight the increasing police atrocities in Andhra Pradesh. In recent news, a police SI beat a woman using his belt in the Tirupati area.

Vanitha from Tirupati makes a living by driving an auto. On Saturday, some cattle entered her premises and destroyed her garden. She dialled the emergency number to alert the police but by then the owners of the cattle fled from the scene. Vanitha alleged that the owners of the cattle got into a fight with her.

The staff at Marpalli police were cleaning the police station for pooja when unknowingly, Vanitha entered the police station. Seeing Vanitha enter the police station, SI Prakash Kumar started abusing her with swear words, disturbed by the swear words from SI, Vanitha started questioning the SI. SI became more abusive and started hitting Vanitha using a belt.

Immediately Vanitha with her sister Vani went to another nearby police station and SP office to complain against the unruly behavior of the SI. As the SP was unavailable she sat in protest along with her sister in front of the Marpalli police station. Learning about the incident, ASP Supraja immediately sent the CI Surendrnanth Reddy to take stock of the situation. He immediately reached out to Vanitha and promised her of appropriate action against the SI. SP Ramesh Reddy, knowing about the incident, ordered ASP Supraja to inquire into the incident and take appropriate action.

Even though the higher officials in the police department had promised to take appropriate action but on the ground, victims are still worried about registering their complaints. The DGP had promised to sensitize the police department and train them regarding best behaviour practices after the Abdul Salam family suicide incident came to light. It seems that is a distant dream for now.



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