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Seven government school children fell ill in Krishna district

by Supraja
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On 9th March, seven children from RCM Missionary School in Gudivada, Krishna district fell ill. All these children are studying in class 1, went out before the lunch break, and came back complaining of drowsiness and giddiness. At first, the school teacher asked the children to wash their faces to get rid of drowsiness, but when the problem persisted, a pediatrician attached to the school was called to examine these students. Later, they were shifted to a hospital, where blood tests and other tests were conducted.

The doctor who examined the students said that all of them showed signs of drowsiness. Food and water samples were sent for testing. Later in the evening, the Joint Collector said five out of seven were completely recovered and sent home. However, the exact reason for the illness was not found yet. Gudivada MLA and Minister Kodali Nani visited the hospital and spoke to the doctors and parents of the children.


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