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Schools go empty as Teachers’ union call for Chalo Secretariat

by Mukesh
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Teachers all over the state of Andhra Pradesh gave a call for “Chalo Secretariat” on 15th December protesting against the government’s plans for web counselling as the government decided to block 16,008 posts of the existing 48,897 vacancies citing the process of web based counselling as very exhaustive.

As a preventive measure all the union leaders were arrested and many were placed under house arrests. Many teachers still came out and protested all over Andhra Pradesh demanding the government to not to go ahead with the counselling, and go for filling all the vacant posts, even opt for the manual counselling as the present counselling process is taking more than 12 hours to fill the 8000 questions.

The teachers union are questioning the intent of the government in blocking 16,008 posts when the government is keen on adopting a 10:30 teacher to student ratio. Union leaders have questioned,  “How will this be possible by blocking nearly 1/3rd posts?”. They are even asking the government to make it public on which posts are blocked as it is against the rule to block more than 5% of the total vacancies.

Adding to the woes of the teachers, unconfirmed reports tell us that the  Commissioner of Department of Education made some abusive comments against the teachers who messaged him requesting clarity on the web based counselling. As it was the commissioner who asked the teachers to message him regarding any clarification, the language has added more fuel to the fire and has further provoked teachers to take to the streets.

The government has extended the date for counselling by one day.



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