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Rushed Governance: YCP Government Wants to Pass 15 Bills in 5 days

by Mukesh
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With the cancellation of the question hour, the YCP government continues to systematically disintegrate democratic principles in Andhra Pradesh.

On the eve of the Legislature session, both the Chairman of the Legislative Council M.A. Shariff and Assembly Speaker Thammineni Seetharam attended a meeting where both, stressed on members’ right to raise questions on various issues concerning the people and asked the bureaucrats to give clear and prompt reply on the matter.

The government has plans to pass fresh laws to replace the 11 Ordinances promulgated since August 4, earlier this year. In addition to these, the government has plans to reconsider the bills sent back by the Government of India for reconsideration and modifications.

In recent times, the Government of India returned two crucial Bills, including the Disha Bill for women’s protection, earlier passed by the Legislature. Sources with knowledge of the YCP government’s legislative action plan have stated that a total of 15 bills or possibly 1 or 2 more may be squeezed through the 5-day session.

These will be coupled with an amendment to the AP Motor Vehicles Taxation Act that is being brought in to enhance various transport taxes, the citizens are set to suffer another blow to their monthly budgets. The government is seeking to rake in an additional revenue of over Rs. 400 crore through the increase in transport tax.


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