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Re-organization of districts in Andhra Pradesh likely delayed

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Reddy before the 2019 elections had promised to reorganize districts in the state with each Lok Sabha constituency as a base. The government had promised these changes to take effect from March 31st this year. A high-level committee set up for this purpose has not been able to come up with solutions to issues, particularly those related to marking borders of districts. There is hence, a high likelihood of missing the deadline. 

The existing 13 districts would be increased to 25 districts. The YCP government later proposed to split the Araku constituency, which is currently spread over four districts, into two new tribal districts. The total count after the reorganization thus would be 26 districts. The high-level committee headed by the Chief Secretary held several rounds of meetings but the committee has not come to a conclusive decision on the district’s reorganization exercise. 

The Chief Minister wants the new districts to be created to ensure ease of administration and better accessibility to people. The YCP government considers the present districts to be too large to handle and have become  “unwieldy to administer”. 

Despite the government’s apprehension about governing 13 districts, there are real issues with redrawing districts. New districts would require the construction of additional infrastructure such as new office buildings for the new districts. An official in the exercise has also stated that the major problem in demarcation is that there are numerous geographical disparities. There are also issues with resource distribution. 

Will Andhra Pradesh be able to sustain the government borrowing more funds given the already dire financial situation of the economy?


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