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Rama Navami at Kodandarama Temple

by Sai Prasad
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Rama Navami at Kodandarama Temple

The celebration of Ram Navmi is praised with incredible energy and eagerness the nation over. In the excellent territory of Andhra Pradesh, there is a sanctuary that has its own atmosphere with regard to Ram Navmi. The Kondandarama Temple observes Ram Navmi such that it is recollected by guests for eternity. Being the sanctuary committed to Lord Rama, Ram Navmi is the temple’s most significant celebration. The most interesting component of Kondandarama Temple is its engineering. This was constructed over four centuries prior by the Nizams. The construction of this sanctuary looks like a fortification with its high towers and colossal sculptures of Sita, Rama, and Lakshmana on its principal place of worship. It is arranged in Maddilapuram, Nagulapalle town, in Nellore locale, Andhra Pradesh.

Rama Navami at Kodandarama Temple

Ramayana and Ram Navami

This temple is associated with the amazing Ramayana of Valmiki. The blocks used to fabricate this sanctuary were brought from the remnants of Ayodhya. It was worked from one entire piece of the block by a then Nizam named Ramdas Nayak. The principal sanctum is made out of delicate sandstone which bears an astonishing likeness to Sita’s jasmine seat and Rama’s chariot. Both the jasmine seat and chariot have five wheels. The sanctuary’s focal pinnacle is around 400 feet tall. Probably the greatest fascination for guests is its stronghold like engineering and gigantic sculptures of Sita, Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman. The sanctuary has a milestone 450-feet high hillock from where one can see the whole Nellore locale. A wide scope of veggie lover food is set up during Ram Navmi festivities in this sanctuary.

The temple draws countless enthusiasts during Ram Navmi. The celebration is praised with extraordinary eagerness and enthusiasm. During the nine days of merriments, numerous social projects are held in the sanctuary like old-style moves, bhajans, and chats on the existence of Lord Rama. Devotees from everywhere Andhra Pradesh visit this holy place during Ram Navmi to offer their supplications to the altruistic God and witness a profound climate.

Story behind Rama Temple

There is an acclaimed legend that says that the Nizam went to Haridwar to have a plunge in the sacrosanct Ganges after the sanctuary was assembled. It is said that he longed for Lord Rama advising him to visit a town called Nagulapalle which was around 200 miles from Nellore. Thus, one evening, the Nizam left for this town and came there in the wake of voyaging throughout the evening. As he was taking a gander at the delightful temple, he saw a priest riding on a chariot. The Nizam told the priest that his fantasy was by God’s effortlessness and requested bearings to Nagulapalle. As the Nizam came to there, it was at that point morning and just chickens were meandering in general. Close to the temple was a tremendous mountain and emerging from this mountain is a waterway with lotus blossoms. The Nizam called the priest who said that this stream came from Lord Ram’s origin in Ayodhya. This was a fantasy and the Nizam began to remember his excursion. In any case, when he arrived at Haridwar, he saw a rainbow in the sky and before long discovered that his pony had fallen into the waterway and kicked the bucket. This was sufficient for the Nizam to accept that it was Lord Rama who showed him this vision.

This sanctuary is a treat for the tourists just as otherworldly searchers. The festival of Ram Navmi at Kondandarama Temple is an encounter one would value for eternity.


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