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Publicity Stunt 101: Repackaging Old Schemes for Publicity

by Supraja
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Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy did it yet again, the government this time repacked its own scheme.
The State government introduced ‘Andhra Pradesh Industrial Policy 2020 -23’ in August 2020.
Barely two months have passed since the introduction of the policy, the Chief Minister launched
‘Jagananna YSR Badugu Vikasam’ on 26 th October providing incentives for SC and ST
entrepreneurs which are almost entirely similar to that of the incentives mentioned in the
industrial policy.

The government launched YSR Badugu Vikasam as a part of the ‘Special Industrial Policy 2020 –
23’ to encourage the entrepreneurs from the SC and ST community. The policy offers several
incentives such as seed capital assistance, waiver of stamp duty and concessions in power
charges, patent registration fee, GST, quality certification, and operation costs.
According to the government’s press release, the special policy was introduced to empower and
encourage the entrepreneurs belonging to SC and ST communities by providing special
incentives to promote the 362 manufacturing and 9,754 service sector activities belonging to
these communities.

The government also assured the easy availability of the land for the SC and ST entrepreneurs.
According to the policy, the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) has
to compulsorily allot 16.2% of the lands to SC and 6% of the ST in the lands belonging to them.
The government also announced to create a dedicated facilitation cell for SC and ST
entrepreneur to help them in the quick implementation of projects. As it turns out, the earlier
announced AP Industrial Policy already contained these details. Perhaps the publicity the
government aimed for was not achieved and thus, the same announcements are being made
again albeit with some more vague promises.

Special Support for Socio-economic progress of SC, ST, BC, and Minority communities
especially women is one of the guiding principles of the industrial policy. The policy also details
out the incentives to be provided to the women belonging to the SC, ST, BC, and Minority

It is apparent from the scheme launch that the Chief Minister is trying to appease Backward,
Dalit and Adivasi community who are ignored and subjected to harassment under the current
government rule. The unlawful arrest of the TDP BC leader Atchannaidu, an increase in the
attacks on the Dalits, and occupation of the tribal lands have negatively affected the government.

It is important to mention that the new scheme was announced within a few days of TDP
appointing BC, SC, and ST leaders to the key positions in the party. While the state government
is grappling with several issues, the opposition party had come up with several reforms that received a positive response from the people. Realizing the damage done due to his vindictive
nature Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy did what he does best, “rebranding the old schemes”.

Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy came into power promising several schemes for the welfare of the BC,
SC, and ST communities. After coming into power, he took ‘J -turn’ and failed to deliver these
promises. The government even tried to divert the funds allocated for BC, SC, and ST
corporations for the ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme. With the growing negativity among these
communities, the government is introducing sham schemes to fool people.


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