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Panabaka Lakshmi’s pleasant act; a lesson to political fraternity

by Staff
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Politicians calling out for press conferences and making the media personalities wait for hours is not a new subject in Indian Politics. There is even a large talk in the media fraternity that in most of the cases, Politicians do it intentionally for marking their everyday busy life and packed engagements.

In the heat-up discussion happening on the ground with the Tirupati by-polls, the media and the public have received a different but pleasant gesture from a political leader. Today Telugu Desam Party’s Tirupati Lok Sabha by-poll candidate and Ex-Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi with other senior party leaders had scheduled a press conference with the media fraternity in Tirupati at nine in the morning. Due to some important public engagements, Panabaka Lakshmi could not reach the press conference on time but her gesture after her arrival gave a pleasant sign to the people around. Panabaka Lakshmi without any hesitation naturally folded her two hands and apologized for arriving late to the media fraternity and the other people around.

This is not so common with the political fraternity in the country, in the case of Panabaka Lakshmi, she is one of the most prominent senior politicians from the state of Andhra Pradesh who has held important ministerial portfolios with the union government for two terms. Her act of apologizing and respecting other people’s time is something that can be pursued as a lesson for the political fraternity.



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