Home Administration Panabaka Lakshmi receives overwhelming response in villages, despite YSRCP’s cheap tactics

Panabaka Lakshmi receives overwhelming response in villages, despite YSRCP’s cheap tactics

by Staff
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Nellore, March 30, 2021: The YCP has now resorted to using cheap tactics to create hurdles for Panabaka Lakshmi, the TDP candidate for Tirupati by-polls. Electricity supply was cut for two days in a row during her visits to villages in Gudur and Sullurpeta assembly constituencies. The unavailability of electricity and street lights made it difficult for people to visit the campaign sites and roadshows, but still, the public participated in large numbers for Panabaka. She interacted with the people by taking the help of mobile cameras and torch lights on her campaign vehicle and strongly questioned why the ruling party YCP was creating hurdles.

Television media channels were also stopped in some localities that were covering the campaign, further making it difficult for Panabaka to talk to the voters. Addressing the issue, she also took out to the social media and stated, “The more they spread darkness, the more people will move towards our light of hope.” The overwhelming response that Panabaka Lakshmi was receiving was not expected by the YSRCP government. Panabaka Lakshmi, the veteran woman contestant, and ex-parliamentarian, and two-time Union Minister have been pulling crowds with her campaign slogan, “Tirupati ki anda, TDP jenda.” This led to the YCP acting out of fear and frustration.

The YCP candidate, however, was the personal physiotherapist of Jagan Reddy. The ruling party is aware of the difference in the credentials and stature of candidates. This has left them no option but to resort to cheap tactics to stop TDP, criticizing the party leaders. Using state machinery to subvert the campaign of contestants from opposing parties is an undemocratic and gross misuse of power.


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