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Muslim Family Commits Suicide in Nandyal

by Sharath
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On 3 November 2020, a family of auto-driver Sheikh Abdul Salam from the minority community along with his wife and two children committed suicide.

Harassments, threats, fear of life have become a trend in the current government’s scheme of things. From leaders of the ruling party to the cops, there have been numerous instances where citizens have had to bear the brunt of police high-handedness and YSRCP’s Raja Reddy Rajyam.

From the very start of the YSRCP government, Minorities, Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, Farmers, Opposition Leaders among numerous others are being targeted to suit the needs of the party in power. With a rising number of attacks on weaker sections,  demolition of temples,  harassment, threats, fake cases against individuals, the law and order situation in the State appears to be alarming. Despite that the  YSRCP government claims that the situation in the State is under control, however, the reality is different. 

The recent incident in which the alleged harassment by the AP Police led to the suicide of a Muslim Minority auto-driver Sheikh Abdul Salam along with his family in Nandyal town. It is reported that the State Police forced the family to admit to a crime they had not been a party to. 

Abdul Salam, 45, a resident of Rojakunta Street in Nandyal used to work in a jewelry shop in the Nandyal and later started running an auto taxi. When a passenger who travelled in his auto filed a complaint with the police regarding theft of Rs. 70,000 cash which the passenger was carrying, the police summoned Abdul Salam and started harassing Abdul Salam in connection with this case of theft. Abdul salam who felt humiliated with this unending and acute harassment eventually took an extreme step along with his wife and two children by jumping under a moving train; they had tied the children and threw them under as well; the daughter was aged 14 years and the son was just 10 years old. 

Abdul Salam before committing suicide has released a self-recorded video in which he was seen pleading innocence in the theft case and that the Nandyal police have tortured him to accept the crime. He ended his life as a solution to the unending police harassment. This indicates the level at which the state police would have harassed the poor minority family.

With the video going viral, the state Chief Minister intervened to look into the issue and has instructed the DGP to conduct a thorough inquiry and take immediate action. The police have arrested CI Somasekhar Reddy and head constable Gangadhar under various Sections of IPC but in less than 24 hours of their arrest, both the arrested CI and Head Constable were granted bail by Nandyal Court. This exposes the negligence of YSRCP in providing justice to the deceased minority family.

Even during a discussion on 3 capitals bills in the State Legislative Council the YSRCP members insulted the Council Chairman Sharif on the floor of the House and stopped him to conduct the proceedings of the House. From Dalits to Farmers who were handcuffed it seems the focus has now shifted to the Muslim minorities. It is unfortunate that the attacks are happening against the people of the communities who have extended their support and voted in favor of YSRCP during the 2019 elections.

If a poor auto-driver’s family is subjected to such a degree of harassment what will other citizens be made to witness by this government?

TDP National President, N. Chandrababu Naidu has demanded a CBI probe in the matter. 

Suicide Prevention helpline number

AASRA :- +91-9820466726

One life:- 78930-78930

Roshni NGO:- 040 66202000



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