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Land previously allocated for LuLu group put under e-auction

by Mukesh
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Government of Andhra Pradesh issued an order to monetize several land parcels in the Guntur and Vishakhapatnam districts. Including the land parcel taken back from the LULU group alleging irregularities in allocations done by the then TDP leadership and LULU group.

On 12th June Government of Andhra Pradesh released GO No 172, to monetize eleven parcels of land through direct sale through e-auction. The government has decided to develop a build-up are on another five of these parcels of land and sell them through Mission Build Andhra Pradesh.

Land for Direct sale in Guntur District


Location Extent Basic Price recommended by SMLC
1 595/3B Nallapadu 6.07

16.96 Cr


Sy. No TS No.711/3

712(W No.3 Block 12)

5.44 75.41 Cr


Sy.No TS No.941 (W No.17, Block.2) Nagarampalem 4.50

77.08 Cr


Land parcels for Direct sale in Vishakapatnam


Location Extent Basic Price recommended by SMLC
1 Sy no. 157-61, Chinagadli 1

16.64 Cr


Sy no.147 Chinagdli 0.75 14.47 Cr
3 Sy no. 27-49, Agnampudi 0.5

3.25 Cr


Sy. No. 38-4, Fakirtakia 1.04 4.67 Cr
5 Sy no. 100-5, Fakirtakia 0.35

1.47 Cr


Sy no. 100-9 Fakirtakia 1.93 8.39 Cr
7 Sy no.12-P Seethammadhara 1

34 Cr


Government of Andhra Pradesh decided to monetize 5 land parcels by developing an selling the build up area, They are:

S.No Location Extent of land Build up Area Basic Price recommended by SMLC
1 Sy no.13(W 17, Block-1), Nagarampalem Guntur 8.15 approx 2 Lakh sqft Commercial and 11.50 lakh sqft of Residential Rs.5,600 – Residential

Rs.9,200 -CommerciL

2 Sy no. 87, 91,92(W no 2,B3)Brodipet, Guntur 6 Acres approx. 8.50 Lakh Sqft Commercial Rs.7,500/- per Sqft
3 Sy no.8, Seetammadhara, Vishakapatnam 3.00 acres approx. 7.35 Lakh Sqft


Rs.6,000/- per Sqft
4 Sy no. 1011, Waltair ward, Vishakapatnam 13.83 acres approx. 30 lakh Sqft Commercial Rs.6,800/- per Sqft
5 Sy no. 39, Seetammadhara 11 acres approx. 27 Lakh Sqft Commercial Rs.5,500/- per Sq.ft.


The land parcels also include 13.83 acres taken back from the LULU group in October last year citing discrepancies in the allocation made by the previous government. The government even faced a lot of criticism from various investors and opposition leaders, citing the impact on the new investments in the State and the credibility of the State. Even LULU group India head Anant Ram, stated that they have decided not to invest in Andhra Pradesh in any new projects in future.

On the present land sale E.A.S. Sharma former IAS officer in a letter to Chief Secretary Neelam Sawnhey stated that it is imprudent on the part of the government to sell valuable land and it is against the public interest. He further opined that owing to the shortage of land, the government is failing for fulfilling the demand for public amenities such as parks, community halls and burial grounds. The move would further worsen the situation. He even questioned about the government’s intent in favouring real estate agents. The Ex IAS officer stressed about CRZ restrictions on land acquired from the LULU group and insisted that the sale of such lands will be contempt of court.


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