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Kurnool continues to suffer from COVID

by Sharath
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The highest number of COVID19 deaths in Andhra Pradesh, took place in Kurnool and the death rate in the district stands at 3.2%, way higher than the state average of 1.12%.

When COVID19  hit the Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool city stood the first prominent hotspot in the State. The authorities hit a panic button when 70 of the Tablighi Jamaat returnees were first identified in Kurnool on March 31st, and three of them tested positive for COVID19. By mid-May, the conditions in the district seemed under control, until around 200 people, including 20 medical staff from the government maternity hospital in Adoni contacted the Virus. Earlier in late April, six of the Kurnool MP Dr Sanjeev Kumar’s family members were also tested positive for Corona.

As of July 9th 2020, Andhra Pradesh carried out Covid-19 tests on 10,94,615 samples, and out of them, 23,814 turned out to be favourable to the Virus. Among the overall cases registered we have a look at district wise break up, its clearly understandable that Kurnool District in AP has turned out to be a major Hotspot district for the Virus. Despite the district administration taking up several measures to prevent the spread of Virus, the number of Covid-19 positive cases has been increasing in the district rapidly.

Coronavirus cases in Kurnool district crossed the 2700-mark. At the same time, the death toll rose to 91 With 73 new COVID cases reported in the last 24 hours and the overall number of cases in Kurnool stands at 2795, and the district continues to lead AP’s COVID chart with the highest number of COVID cases in the State. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, More than one lakh tests are done only in Kurnool with a positive rate of 2.62% in the district.

The unlock 1.0 saw many natives returning to their homes from places across the nation. With a profile of migrant labourer who has returned homes from cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, they were likely missed by the COVID-19 screening processes, making the district more vulnerable to the spread of Pandemic.

Kurnool district shares borders with the two prominent neighbouring States, Telangana and Karnataka. In fact, Kurnool acts as Rayalaseema’s gateway to Hyderabad and Telangana. The district is also the Telangana’s gateway to Bangalore and Kurnool. The necessitated movement of trade and commerce between the States has also put the region at the risk of COVID19.

As of July 9th 2020, the Kurnool district has 38.8% of active cases (1087 active cases) with a recovery rate of 57.7% (1617 patients have recovered so far). The highest number of COVID19 deaths so far rook place in Kurnool and the death rate in Kurnool district stands at 3.2%, way higher than the state average of 1.12%.


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