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Kodali Nani crosses the line, makes personal remarks against Panabaka Lakshmi

by Supraja
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The flipside of a passionate speaker is that they sometimes get carried away and tend to make comments which might hurt the sentiments of the different section (s) of the society. Unlike them, politicians are trained not to get carried away and refrain from making personal comments. Oftentimes, we come across politicians who cross the lines and make comments against their opponents. 

It is very common in AP where the members of the ruling and opposition parties tend to engage in heated debates and make personal comments. While meaningful discussions and constructive criticism is accepted forms of ‘freedom of speech, making derogatory comments are not accepted. The current Minister for Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kodali Nani is notorious for his rather personal and derogatory comments. Earlier in the month of February, the State Election Commissioner (SEC) issued orders against the Minister restraining him from speaking to the media, because of his comments against the SEC. Such is the reputation of Nani who was reprimanded several times for making objectionable remarks.

Recently, Nani participated in the by-poll campaign in Satyavedu, Chittoor district along with the YSRCP candidate M. Gurumoorthy. While addressing the public, Nani made objectionable remarks indirectly referring to the physical features of the TDP candidate Panabaka Lakshmi. While he has all the rights to campaign on behalf of his party’s candidate, he doesn’t have any right to make personal remarks alluding to the physical features of a candidate. It seems that Nani operates outside the spectrum of constructive criticism where he might have felt that body-shaming is acceptable while in fact, it is objectionable. It’s high time, the Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy takes some measures for correcting the behavior of the Minister. 



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