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Is JSP Chief a Puppet in BJP Hands ?

by Staff
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Candidates from the Janasena Party (JSP) filed their nominations along with other parties in the recently held Greater Hyderabad Municipal (GHMC) Elections. However, on the last day of nomination, the JSP Chief Pawan Kalyan appealed to the party members to withdraw their nomination and extend support for the BJP expecting that BJP might extend support to JSP in Tirupati by-polls. 

The Janasena Party (JSP) has failed to convince the leadership of BJP to push its candidate and the BJP’s Central Election Committee (CEC) announced the candidature of K Ratna Prabha as its candidate for the Tirupati by-polls.  The JSP cadre was upset with its party chief surrendering to BJP. 

Pawan Kalyan who is disappointed with these back-to-back setbacks received a cheer from the BJP AP State President Somu Veeraju who made a statement elevating Pawan Kalyan as the Chief Minister face for the BJP-JSP alliance. This move by BJP is to gain the trust and to capture the confidence of Kapu Community vote bank which is one of the dominant communities in the State. The primary action plan of BJP appears to be to capture the Kapu Vote bank and consolidate Hindu voters as much as possible. The appointment of Somu Veeraju who hails from the Kapu community is also an indication of this expectation.

A day before the Pawan Kalyan campaign in Tirupati, the BJP candidate K Ratna Prabha during her conversation with India News Today revealed that Pawan Kalyan is not the CM candidate of the alliance. The Janasena which has failed to pitch its candidate has now lost its party symbol “Glass” too. The symbol was allotted to Dr. Godha Ramesh Kumar who is contesting on behalf of the Navataram Party. 

On multiple occasions in the last 12 years, the stance of Pawan Kalyan on many issues has been unclear and inconsistent. One such is also the Tirupati Lok Sabha contest across the last 3 elections. In the 2009 Tirupati Loksabha, as a Youth representative of Praja Rajyam Party (PRP), Pawan Kalyan has appealed to voters to support PRP, in 2014 Pawan Kalyan supported the Telugu Desam Party, in 2019 Pawan Kalyan had appealed to voters to vote for Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and now in 2021, Pawan Kalyan who is currently campaigning for K Ratna Prabha appealed voters to vote for BJP in the by-polls.

Even during the recent Vizag Steel Plant Privatization episode the JSP Chief went on to record and surrendered to the decision of the central government (BJP) to privatize the plant despite the fact he contested from Gujuvaka assembly which falls under the Visakhapatnam district and people of Visakhapatnam have opposed this move. 

With multiple decisions taking in favor of BJP, the image of the JSP Chief is exploited and it appears clear that BJP is utilizing Pawan Kalyan to make inroads in the State.



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