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IPS Officer complains harassment by the state government

by Supraja
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On 3rd January 2021, IPS officer A.B. Venkateswara Rao has written a letter to the IPS Officer’s Association alleging harassment by the current AP state government. In the letter, Mr. Rao stated that as soon as the YSRCP formed the government on 30th May 2019, he was transferred from the post of Director General of ACB and directed to report at GAD.

He complained that the government hasn’t assigned any position to him and kept him aside without any reason for seven months. He made a request to the government on 6th January 2020 to release his salary and assign him a position. After failing to get any response he again made a request on 28th January 2020.

Meanwhile, the DGP (HoPF) issued to memo to ADG CID to inquire into an aborted procurement of certain equipment on 2nd January 2020. DGP CID took up the inquiry and gave a report based on which the government placed him under suspension. Mr. Rao approached the AP High Court who ordered the government to set aside the suspension and reinstate him into the services. The government filed SLP in the Supreme Court which stayed the High Court’s order.

Mr. Rao alleged that he received reliable information that the state government is planning to file a criminal case and put him under judicial custody and suspend him again. He requested the IPS Officer’s Association to intervene in what he termed as harassment by the government. 



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