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How Are TDP MPs Faring in Lok Sabha?

by Sharath

Amid the cacophony of high octane campaigns and landslide victory, the political parties forget the fact that these same elections ultimately paved the way for the next Lok Sabha. On 23 May, the 17th Lok Sabha was formed and charged with framing legislation and holding the government accountable. Members of Parliament perform their duties effectively through attendance, participation in debates, and regularly questioning the government. Attendance, participation in Debates and Questions are the performance metrics that indicate how well an MP has performed.

In 2019, the TDP won just three out of the 25 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh. Galla Jayadev, who retained Guntur Lok Sabha seat, has 93% attendance record. Since the beginning of his second term, he has asked 93 questions and participated in 36 debates. In October 2019, when the Central government released a revised map of India without marking Amaravati as AP’s capital, Galla Jayadev raised the issue in the parliament citing investment concerns. The map was subsequently revised, and Amaravati marked as APs capital.

K. Rammohan Naidu, who retained Srikakulam for a second-term raised the issue and accused the 15th Finance Commission of doing “injustice” to the southern states by reducing budgetary allocation. He had also written to the Home Minister on stranded Andhraites. He urged him to coordinate the arrangement of transport facilities for their return. Rammohan Naidu’s attendance is 93%. He has participated in 34 debates and asked 69 questions.

Kesineni Nani won a second-term as Vijayawada MP in 2019. He was nominated as a member of the Indian Council of Medical Research Committee which oversees the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, regulations and rights in the country. His attendance is 91%. Kesineni Nani has participated in 10 debates and raised 53 questions.

All the three MPs of the TDP have so far performed better than the national average.

While the national average for attendance is 84%, debates 16.5%, and the number of questions raised 49%, TDP MPs’ average attendance is 92%. The average in debates is 26.6%. On average, they have raised 71 questions.


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