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Government Lands for Sale in Andhra Pradesh, Again!

by Mukesh
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The Government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders in line with its plans to monetize several parcels of land in the districts of Guntur and Visakhapatnam districts after a failed attempt in the recent past owing to large scale outrage from citizens including activists like E.A.S. Sarma, a former IAS officer who wrote a letter to Chief Secretary Neelam Sawhney on how imprudent it is on part of the government to sell urban spaces, not fulfilling the urban need for parks, community halls, and burial grounds, etc. by giving into the growing pressures of the real estate community.

The government went back on its decision last time as the land parcels included the land previously allocated to the LuLu group, which was taken back by the present government citing severe irregularities by the previous TDP government. The decision of the current government was severely criticized by the business community and the comments of the LuLu group Chairman that they would never invest in the state of Andhra Pradesh had a lot of impact on the investment environment in Andhra Pradesh.

The present sale includes all the land parcels announced in the previous sale excluding the land allocated to the LuLu group. The present land parcels will be sold by e-auction through NBCC and is aimed at raising 110 crores by an auction of 11.51 acres in the Guntur district and 3.82 acres in the Visakhapatnam district, the details of these land parcels are as follows:

The locals opined that the sale of these land parcels would give a mere 110 crores to the government but this sale will have a lot of impact on the urban population as it would further worsen the situation of the cities by further reducing the existing green spaces in the cities of Visakhapatnam and Guntur. Citizens have demanded not to go ahead with the sale of land favoring real estate agents.

The same government of Andhra Pradesh due to non-availability of the government lands in several districts of Andhra Pradesh has allocated 7000 crores for procuring lands for its prestigious housing scheme. Several objections were raised on part of the government for procuring these land parcels as many of them are in low lying areas etc. On one hand the government is procuring lands with a long list of issues of their own and on the other hand it is auctioning perfect land parcels to keep the government running. This shows the short-sighted view of the current leadership in the state.


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