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Employees sacked over media leak

by Supraja
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finance department sacks employees

Amidst criticism about the economic situation of the state, the AP Finance department suspended three employees over an alleged leak to the media regarding confidential and sensitive information. In a series of GOs issued on 4th August 2021, it was mentioned that a vigilance inquiry has been carried out, following the publication of a series of news articles against the government. 

The inquiry carried out by the government revealed that Kasireddy Vara Prasad, Section Officer, C & DM, Finance along with Nagulapati Venkateswarulu, Assistant Secretary, C & DM section passed confidential information to D. Sreenu Babu, Section Officer who in turn leaked it to the media. The GO restricts the three employees from leaving the headquarters without obtaining prior permission.

According to a written reply by the Union Finance Minister on a question posed by the TDP MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar in Rajya Sabha, the state government borrowed Rs. 54,369.18 crore for FY 2020-21. With mounting debts, AP’s fiscal status is under the scanner. The government exhausted its borrowing limit and is looking towards new avenues to raise debts. The state government started floating corporations pledging its revenue to raise money. Recently, it raised Rs. 15,500 crore through Andhra Pradesh State Development Corporation (APSDC) by pleading for its future tax revenue.

Former Chief Secretary I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, YSRCP Rebel MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju and several opposition party leaders alleged financial irregularities by the government. With mounting pressure and lack of evidence for the same, the government made its employees into scapegoats. The suspension of three employees over an information leak is ironic considering the YSRCP chief and the party leaders rooted for transparent governance time and again. 


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