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Civil society demands YCP government for drinking water in Anantapur

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The regular supply of clean drinking water has been a major problem in the state of Andhra Pradesh for the past few months. As per ground reports, multiple regions in the state have been facing this issue even before the summer season where such concerns are commonly noted.

In a recent update from Anantapur, two civil society organisations – Praja Science Vedika (PSV) and Residents Welfare Association (RWA) have demanded the municipal corporation and YCP-led state government through a statement to ensure a regular supply of clean drinking water in the town. The mismanagement of overhead tanks and ignorance in maintaining the quality of water pipelines are said to be the reason behind this water shortage.

In the statement, PSV President M. Suresh Babu and RWA General Secretary V. Sreenath have mentioned that the water pipelines in the area face damages, and the drainage water often gets mixed with the drinking water creating it as a major problem for the people. They have also demanded the YCP led state government and the municipal corporation for a strict sanitation drive in the region to ensure a quality supply of drinking water and to safeguard the hygiene of the people.

The supply of drinking water to Anantapur town is drawn from the High-level canal which flows from the Tungabhadra river in the Bellary district of Karnataka and connects its way to Anantapur district in AP. They have pointed out that safeguarding and ensuring the quality of drinking water is a necessary matter in terms of keeping near about 30% of the lower-class population in the town healthy and hygienic. The rest of the middle and upper-class population mostly depends on RO plants for drinking water. They have also pointed out the issues with contamination of bore-wells and the mismanagement of sewage plants in the district as well in the statement. 



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