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Chandranna Bheema Renamed as YSR Bheema

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Renaming and rebranding of policies, schemes, welfare measures have become a common trend since the YSR Congress assumed power in 2019. It seems as if propaganda and deception have been the main agenda of the present regime. The YSRCP government without any hesitation has been renaming the schemes of the previous government and popularising them as schemes of YSRCP and Jagan Mohan Reddy. In fact, most welfare schemes which are being implemented in the State of Andhra Pradesh are the brainchild of former CM N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Most of the schemes which are being implemented under the YSRCP rule have already existed during the TDP’s regime. There are many such schemes, for instance, we have the YSR Bheema Scheme.

Former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu launched  “Chandranna Bheema” as a  financial support scheme for the unorganized workers who were facing hardships due to disability or death. This scheme was launched on Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary in 2016. A boon for families of nearly 2 crore daily wage earners of the unorganized sector; workers drawing less than 15,000 per month were eligible for this scheme.

This largely successful scheme provided social security to the family members of the deceased by handing over the policy amount in record time. Any person aged between 18-70 could register their names under the scheme by paying a small token of Rs. 15. In case of total disability or accidental death, the beneficiary family would get Rs. 5 lacs and in the case of partial disability, there is a provision of financial assistance of Rs. 2.5 lacs. Additionally, for the workers in the age group of 51-60, an amount of Rs. 30,000 could be availed given in case of natural death as a relief amount to the families and for the high school students in the family, a scholarship amount of Rs. 1,200 was provided to meet their requirements. A sum of Rs. 2445.79 crore was disbursed during the TDP government’s tenure and more than 2 lac claims had been settled before TDP lost the 2019 elections and paved the way for the YSRCP government in the State.

The YSRCP Government has now come up with the launch of its new renamed scheme “YSR Bheema” the scheme exactly resembles the previous government’s “Chandranna Bheema” scheme. The scheme largely remains the same, however, just as with every other policy of this regime it appears from sources in the media that the beneficiaries have yet again been slashed. From TDP’s claimed number of 2 crore end-beneficiaries to 1.41 crore under the current YSRCP government. Though, interestingly the official website of the government claims a whopping 2.5 crore beneficiaries contrary to certain media reports.


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