Home Politics Chandrababu Naidu calls Jagan ‘sticker CM’, says he stole TDP programs

Chandrababu Naidu calls Jagan ‘sticker CM’, says he stole TDP programs

by Sai Prasad
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TDP National President and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu criticized the Jagan Reddy-led YCP government for seizing the programs launched by the previous TDP government and renaming them under his name. He said these actions would mark him as the ‘sticker CM’ in history. 

While replying during the debate hour in the assembly, he said the present YCP government is not making any attempt to spend public money on projects or to implement any new ideas but just trying to claim and mark the previous TDP government’s projects as their own. 

Former Chief Minister also made a fitting argument regarding the TIDCO houses, he said the present YCP government has not started any follow up on the construction of 30 lakh houses as they promised to deliver to the poor. Naidu challenged Jagan Reddy to construct and deliver houses for the poor and compare it with the quality of TIDCO houses built by the TDP. He accused the YCP government for not providing 8 lakh houses to the concerned beneficiaries constructed by the TDP government. In addition, he said that the TDP government had constructed houses with the best facilities like modern tile flooring, storage spaces, drinking water, and so on. He also strongly attacked the YCP government for harassing the poor by not delivering the benefits and giving false advertisements in the media.



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