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Attack on Hindu institutions continues; AP is under high alert

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The state of Andhra Pradesh has gone into a high alert with the continuous violence and attacks on the Hindu institutions. Andhra Pradesh State Police Chief D Gautam Sawang has alerted the state police to stay vigilant after two more attacks on the Hindu institutions reported from Vijayawada. In the first incident, an idol of Sita Devi at Pandit Nehru bus station got vandalized and in the other incident, an idol of Ketu got destroyed at Sivalaya in Vuyyuru of Vijayawada district.  

As per the reports from the ground, the idol of Sita Devi was found broken in the morning by the priest. The Commissioner of Police Bathini Srinivasulu has informed the media that a special team has been formed to closely examine the incident and to identify the attackers. These two horrific incidents came into the limelight just after the vandalism of Lord Ram happened at Ramatheertham on January 01. 

The streets of Vijaywada witnessed massive social reactions and protests from the Opposition party TDP, other political parties, and cultural organizations. The opposition parties have raised concerns over the rising number of attacks against Hindu institutions and the inefficiency of Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy led the YCP state government to handle the law-and-order situations in the state.  

As per the reports, more than 200 attacks on the Hindu institutions have been reported from the state during the Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy led the YCP state government’s tenure. This phenomenon of rising attacks against the Hindu institutions has not only become an important ‘matter of concern’ over the political dialogues in the state but also this has become a national issue putting Andhra Pradesh into a state of ‘humiliation’. Recently, The state ruling YCP Member of Parliament from Naraspuram constituency Kanumuru Raghu Rama Krishna Raju had written to the Prime Minister to take necessary actions against the rising attacks on the Hindu institutions in the state.



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