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Another farmer loses life, a movement to decide YCP government’s destiny

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Today, when the country is marking the Kisan Diwas, another farmer from the Amaravati movement has lost his life. As per the ground reports, the deceased farmer is Kondepati Pedda Pakirayya, a resident of Tallayapalem in Amaravati. It has come to know that the deceased farmer was in high depression and showed signs of severe anxiety after the YCP government decided on a three-capital plan in the state. He died out of a sudden heart attack in the morning. The farmer had donated his three acres of land for the construction of the capital city, Amaravati.

The city of Amaravati has not only become a matter of concern for the state of Andhra Pradesh but also the YCP government’s present plan with the three-capital set up has made the city of Amaravati as a room for the largest farmers agitation in the state. In the past year, the city of Amaravati has witnessed a historic movement collectively known as the Amaravati movement led by the marginalized farmers of the state against the controversial three capital decision of the YCP government. As per the reports, more than fifty farmers have lost their lives in different phases of the movement and the ground reality could be even more.

The city of Amaravati has also witnessed several unfortunate incidents on farmers by the YCP state government. Reports suggest this includes the imposition of a heavy police force and severe attacks on the farmers to suppress their agitation, framing members from the farmer’s community with false criminal charges, and also keeping them in illegal detention.

With the mark of this largescale united and spirited movement by the farmers and their struggle against the YCP government’s three capital plan has already become an inevitable aspect in the Andhra Pradesh state political dialogue and this would even decide the destiny of the Chief Minister Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy and his YCP led state government in future.


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