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11 Best Andhra Recipes to try

by Sai Prasad
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11 best andhra recipes to try

India is home to many stunning food varieties. There are numerous culinary miracles found in this lovely country. Every single state has its own one-of-a-kind taste. Today we will discuss the astonishing Andhra Cuisine. Before, there was an incredible relocation of individuals from present-day Andhra Pradesh to various parts of the country. They carried along with this astonishing food with them. Today we will talk about some astounding plans that you can without much of a stretch make at home. Here are some mouth-watering plans of Andhra.

11 best andhra recipes to try

1)Dry Chili Chicken:

The dry Chili chicken is a well-known formula from Andhra Pradesh and is incredibly adored all over India. This chicken is extremely scrumptious and the best part about it is that it doesn’t need a great deal of work. You should marinate it in an extraordinary sauce which can be produced using dry chilies, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, and some other new fixings. Later on, you need to add a few flavors to this combination alongside hacked onions and cooking until the chicken is completely cooked. This dish can be filled in as a supper or even as a starter.

2)Andhra Vegetable Poriyal:

Another well-known dish from Andhra is the vegetable Poriyal. The vegetables that you should utilize are potatoes, onion, tomatoes, brinjals (a kind of eggplant), and green crisp. You should heat up these vegetables and make a delicious Poriyal with them. This dish is set up at home for unique events like weddings or celebrations. You can serve this dish as a starter or even as a feast close to some rice.

3)Andhra Butter Masala Dosa:

Another mainstream Andhra bite that you should attempt is the margarine dosa. It is a delectable tidbit that will be adored by everybody. You should simply add some margarine to a player of rice and urad dal and afterward, you can make dosas out of it. You should serve this yummy dish with some chutney or even with sambar as you would prefer.

4)Puli Garelu Curry:

Another most loved dish from Andhra is the puli Garelu curry which comes from Medak. The fixings that you should utilize are meat, onion, ginger, garlic, and coconut. You should make a sauce of this combination and afterward fry the meat. This dish will be an extraordinary astonishment for your friends and family as they love the flavor of this curry.

5)Veeraswamy Powder:

Assuming you have a desire for a curry, this is the dish that you should attempt. It is acclaimed in Telangana and Andhra and has a heavenly taste which can be delighted in by everybody. This formula is produced using seven unique flavors. You should simply make them into powder and blend them in with some gram flour which will make a curry out of it. You should add soybean oil alongside this blend to persuade the curry to be completely cooked.

6)Pappu Podi:

Pappu Podi is a sauce produced using the dal of dark peered toward peas. It is extremely acclaimed in Andhra and Telangana. you should make glue out of urad dal by crushing them into little pieces. You can add chilies, garlic, mustard seeds, and ginger alongside this glue. This dish will be one that everybody in your family will cherish as it has a scrumptious taste to it.

7)Kuppa Rice:

The Kuppa rice is well known in Andhra and it is a dish that has been passed down for ages. This dish is set up from Bengal gram dal which is known as Duhatti and coconut. You should simply heat up the Duhatti first, at that point pound it into a fine glue. You should then add this combination to the bubbled rice. You ought to likewise add some salt, green crisp, and curry leaves to make it delightful.

8)Andhra Tea:

Andhra food is basically mainstream for its stunning assortment of desserts and treats. Quite possibly the most famous among them is the Andhra tea which has a special taste to it. These are fundamentally little wads of sweet which are produced using rice flour, sesame seeds, ghee, jaggery, coconut, and almond remove. It has a special flavor yet is adored by all who eat it. You can make these at home and offer them with your family.

9)Andhra Vyuha Pongal:

The Andhra Vyuha Pongal is a famous dish that you should test on the off chance that you are from Andhra or Telangana. It is perhaps the most adored dish from Andhra as it has a flavor to it that is totally different from others. You should simply heat up the rice, dal, and coconut in water. You ought to likewise add some ghee alongside this combination and let it bubble for quite a while. At the point when the rice is cooked, you should add the mangos. You can likewise add some sugar to this blend on the off chance that you need it to be sweet.


The Adai formula is quite possibly the most mainstream Andhra dish and has advanced toward numerous homes everywhere in the world. It is fundamentally a kind of dish that has various sorts of vegetables in it which has been set up with coconut milk. The most widely recognized fixings that you should utilize are dal, various types of vegetables, curry leaves, and coconut. You should make the sauce of this dish prior to adding it to the dal that you have effectively bubble.

11)Khadiraka Kodubale:

Khadiraka Kodubale is an acclaimed dish in Andhra too as Telangana and can be made for breakfast or even supper. It is fundamentally a blend of rice flour and jaggery which is bubbled in some water. You should add some ghee, dry red chilies, and cardamom powder alongside this combination. The raisins can be supplanted with some other natural products on the off chance that you need to make this dish seriously fascinating. Each layer of the combination can be added independently into the cooker after a brief time.



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