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Andhra Pradesh records more than 100 deaths for the third consecutive day

by Mukesh
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The state of Andhra Pradesh continues to grapple under the surging covid cases. The second wave of Covid-19 has turned out to be one of the worst nightmares in history. Even though the country is moving towards reaching the peak of the 2nd wave and plateauing on the number of active cases, the state seems to be in the opposite direction with increasing caseload and the state’s already suffering healthcare system is struggling to meet the needs of the population.

In addition to the Covid-19 surge in the state, the attack of the deadly Mucormycosis or so-called black fungus is giving sleepless nights to doctors and health care officials in the state, leaving them no room to breathe. The state seems to be a little late in identifying the fungus in the people thereby leaving them no option but to leave to nearby cities like Hyderabad. Their visit to Hyderabad seems deadlier than the attack of Fungus as the officials of the dedicated Black Fungus Hospital, E.N.T hospital in Koti are not accepting patients from other states, citing several reasons like beds fully occupied or patient’s pulse is low and the hospital doesn’t have oxygen supply. The stories of Suresh Babu from Tirupati and Nagaraju from Vijayawada waiting in the premises of the Koti E.N.T hospital for the last three days just to fend for themselves in the hope of getting a hospital bed explains the situation.

If we remember, many ambulances were stopped in the borders of Andhra and Telangana by the Telangana police citing several reasons, but after a severe comment from the state’s High Court, they are allowing them just to make them suffer at the premises of these hospitals. The state of Telangana may be right in preserving it for their citizens and fulfilling its responsibility to protect their own citizens, but why should the people of Andhra Pradesh suffer, whom should they complain regarding this, don’t they deserve at least a humane response. Who should they question, who is there to answer? Isn’t it the failure of its rulers to make the healthcare system ready even after the first wave? What is the lakhs of a budget offering them? Several questions like these arise in the minds of these hopeless people, ultimately making them realize the privilege the people of these states with an established capital have, hailing from a capital-less state Andhra.

The cases in the state seem no different with nearly 20,937 cases reported on Friday with a positivity rate of 22.7%, and the state reports more than 100 fatalities for the third consecutive day with 104 deaths reported on Friday. The state reported the highest ever fatalities on Thursday with 114 deaths. The District of Chittoor and East Godavari reported more than 3000 cases for the second and third consecutive day respectively. East Godavari continues on the top with the highest active cases of 32,591 followed by Chittoor with 24,589 and Prakasham 23,405.


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