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Unidentified dig Amaravati roads, Police tries to cover up

by Supraja
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A group of unidentified people dug  National Highway 10, west of Uddandarayunipalem village in Amaravati. As per the reports, the road was dug two and a half feet deep and 30 metres in width and the gravel was excavated and transported in tippers and lorries. The foundation stone for the highway construction was laid down by Prime Minister Narendra Modi; the TDP government spent crores of rupees on its construction.

On receiving the information, Amaravati Dalit leaders Gaddem Martin, Mullapudi Ravi, Chilaka Basavaiah, and Meriga Dasu reached the spot, by then the accused left the spot with tippers and lorries. Dalit leaders staged the protest saying that the earlier TDP government started the construction of the highways with provision for the underground drainage system. With the development in Amaravati coming to halt, YSRCP leaders are digging the road for dust and gravel and illegally transporting them. 

The video of digging the roads became viral after TDP karyakartas posted it on social media platforms accusing the YSRCP government of damaging the roads constructed during TDP’s tenure. Responding to the claims of the opposition, Guntur Rural Police said that the road was dug by the Uddandarayunipalem villagers themselves. A video was posted on Twitter, in which a person claiming to be the residents of the village revealed that they had dug up the road to repair their village roads damaged by the rains.

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However, this explanation didn’t go well with the netizens, as most of them tweeted saying that Police are downplaying the incident, by posting a fake video blaming the villagers. TDP’s National Party President N. Chandrababu Naidu and other party leaders came down heavily on the YSRCP government for undoing the development done in Amaravati during their tenure.


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