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448 in hospital as mystery illness strikes Eluru town

by Supraja
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On 5th December, the government hospital in Eluru became crowded with hundreds of patients reaching the hospital complaining of epilepsy and nausea. The situation in Eluru hospital is reminiscent of a similar incident that occurred in Visakhapatnam due to L.G Polymers gas leakage.  According to the hospital authorities, for the past 4 – 5 days, the patients started getting admitted to the hospital complaining of epilepsy and nausea. Only on Saturday, the hospital authorities realised that there are more such cases with hundreds of people getting admitted to the hospital with almost similar symptoms.

On Saturday residents of Tapi Mestri Colony, Tangellamudi, Sanivarapupeta, Aadivarapupeta, Arundhatipeta in Eluru town got admitted to the hospital while residents of Indiramma Colony, Maradani Rangarao Colony, and YSR colony got admitted to the hospital on Saturday. The common symptoms reported are fainting, nausea, fits, neck pain, back pain, and epilepsy. 

According to the West Godavari district collector’s report, 448 people have fallen ill, 157 patients are still receiving the treatment, 168 people were discharged, one person died from the unknown disease. Apart from Eluru Urban and Rural areas, 3 cases were reported in Denduluru. The health department failed to ascertain the reasons for the mystery illness as 22 water samples and 52 blood samples indicated normalcy. Unable to identify the reason, the medical staff are treating the patients based on their complaints. The state health department officials reached out to the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and the National Institute of Nutrition to help. A delegation from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) headed by Dr. Kakkar reached Eluru to ascertain the reasons for the illness. 

Despite the state reports indicating normalcy after testing water samples, the experts are waiting for the detailed report. Except for Jute Mills, there are no other industries in Eluru, but the locals complained that Tammileru and Krishna Canal in the town are polluted. Governor Biswabushan Harichandan directed the state government to provide necessary health to avoid casualties. TDP National General Secretary N. Lokesh visited the patients in the government hospital in Eluru on Sunday. Whereas earlier today, Chief Minister Jagan Reddy reached the location and left soon after meeting the patients.

The opposition leader N. Chandrababu Naidu took a dig at the government for not taking the issue of sanitation seriously even during the pandemic. He referred to the incident where the Guntur Municipal Corporation staff adulterated the bleaching powder by adding Maida and limestone powder. He demanded the state government to declare a health emergency in Eluru town and provide all the necessary healthcare to the patients. The former CM Naidu also mentioned that Jagan Reddy was visiting Eluru town to attend a wedding ceremony and his visit to the hospital was just a brief detour.


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